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20 chic décor ideas for a fresh new look this New Year


It’s time to welcome a New Year and a new decade, meaning many of us will be looking to refresh and restyle our homes in true ‘new year new me’ style. Not only can a redesign of a room or the addition of some new features around your home completely transform the dynamic of your house, but it can be the start to a productive and stylish new year. Here are 20 gorgeous décor ideas to inspire your 2020 interior style.

The ‘Grandmillenial’ trend

Get on top of the newest trend in décor, reminiscent of the granny-chic aesthetic where antiques and once considered stuffy patterns collide with cooler, more classic décor like marble, gold and modern, clean light fittings.

Indoor plants

The botanical theme continues into 2020, with giant Monstera plants to mini cacti being a warm welcome into home design for added colour and beauty.

Dark coloured doors

Painting your interior doors will add elegance and sophistication if you’re looking for a new lease of life in your home, from dark grey to blue, any strong colour will make you stand out from the rest.


Shop smarter this year while staying on trend with antique finds that will add character and warmth to your home. Along with looking the part, collectables and older décor may be worth a lot of money over time, making you a profit for when you change up your aesthetic.

Rattan and wicker

Made popular in the 70’s, rattan and wicker furniture is back to turn your room into a rustic getaway. These materials are great for mixing with other fabrics such as cotton throws and velvet cushions.


Multi-functional spaces and rooms

Create a more social area in your home by opening your office or living room space for a brighter home. This can be effective by simply rearranging your layout or if you’re able, open your whole social space with sliding glass doors.

Marble (or faux marble)

Real marble can be very expensive, so a more affordable hack to get this classic look in your home is by marbleizing a surface to get the appearance of polished marble. There are also sheets of marble-effect material that stick to surfaces, giving you the look for much less.

Mixed pattern materials

Clashing patterns is in, with garish and loud prints being contrasted across homes for that shabby-chic and cosy feel. Pair printed curtains and rugs in bright tones for a fun twist on this 2020 trend.

Eco-friendly fabrics

Become more conscious when looking for new décor this year if you haven’t already, by looking out for reclaimed or recycled materials when shopping for furniture.

Fun and bold wallpaper

Baroque, botanical or bright, standout wallpaper is a great way to make your room and instant statement to an otherwise plain room. Add a strong green leaf print throughout your hallway for a memorable welcome for visitors or watercolour effect pattern to a bedroom to add character.

Canvas wallpaper

Create a modern textured canvas in your home for something a little different if you’re looking to redo your walls this year. You can even design your own if you fancy a specific pattern or image for a mural effect and touch-appeal that canvas can offer.

Repurposed items

Think before you buy this year to save money and the environment. Head to a car boot sale, market or take an unwanted piece of décor from a friend that could slot nicely into your space.

Futuristic lighting

Structured and bold light fixtures are a great way to add a statement piece into a small room, from geometric shapes and angular metals, there are funky designs for every budget.

Mixed metals

Allow bronze, gold and silver to flow seamlessly throughout your kitchen or living room with features such as a gold mirror and side table paired with silver steel fixtures.

Characterful windows

If your fixtures are tired or worn and in need of replacement, invest in strong yet style-focused designs to compliment your aesthetic with upvc sash windows from Quickslide.

Statement art

While wall galleries continue to grace many of our homes into 2020, statement art is the focus of the year with a single piece of strong and eye-catching art taking centre stage instead of a collection of smaller contrasting pieces.

Colourful curtains

If your space is looking stark, inject some colour for a strong statement, such as deep blue or emerald for a rich and cosy look.

Tiled flooring

Perfect for all rooms in your home, tiled flooring offers limitless design options for homeowners, from teal porcelain tiles to stone effect ceramic for a strong or understated look.

Floor to ceiling shelving

Not only great for book lovers, but floor to ceiling shelves maximise storage space and give the illusion of a higher ceiling which will take your room to the next level.

Play with proportion

Create a contrast with oversized cushions and lamps with small prints to compliment your style and make your space well-balanced.


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