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Fil Rouge- Roberto Giovannini’s new 2019 collection

History, creativity, passion, classic beauty and… colour, this is the beginning of Roberto Giovannini’s new ‘story’.

Fil Rouge is the name of Roberto Giovannini’s new 2019 collection; a name which  reflects its expressiveness.

Roberto Giovannini’s Fil Rouge collection is, above all, an expression of continuity. Continuity intended both as a passion for the classic style and for the exquisite art of the highest quality woodcarving; it is also intended as the ability to project into the modern-day epoch the extraordinary luxuriousness of the forms of times gone by, aspects which, right from the outset, have permitted the company to make its mark in the panorama of classic style furniture.

Fil Rouge is born from the Master Roberto Giovannini’s exceptional aptitude of knowing how to reinterpret the classic mindset whilst remaining faithful to the proportions and aesthetic norms of the classic style. He is able to confer to his furniture and furnishings the fundamental characteristics of functionality and ergonomics required to furnish contemporary living spaces.

Fil Rouge presents itself, thus, as a ‘collection’ of breathtaking images, a procession of extraordinarily beautiful elite interiors which continue to express Roberto Giovannini’s aesthetic and conceptual philosophy and the emotions which are transmitted by his creations.

Different settings, ideal places for living the Roberto Giovannini experience, host different types of classic  furnishings: different in style, finishings, decorations, materials and fabrics and united by the Fil Rouge of elegance, good taste and sophistication capable of generating an extraordinary and refined ‘coherence’ of togetherness.

Fil Rouge is also the colour red. A strong shade of colour which is confident, intense and vibrant, symbolising passion and transmitting sensations of true ‘warmth’. Associated with furnishings, décor and fabrics or used for personalising a space, it’s the colour behind defining the atmosphere and creating emotions.

For 2019, Roberto Giovannini is presenting a collection which reveals an exceptional creative approach to materials, to decoration and to colour. Thanks to unique and amazing combinations,  Roberto Giovannini’s décor  generates fascinating interiors capable of evoking intense sensations of wellbeing and comfort.

The Fil Rouge interiors 

Roberto Giovannini is setting the stage with four different interiors, all expressing a new experience of luxury and moving the fascinating world of classic furniture closer to modern-day living.

The intrinsic elegance of these spaces is a direct consequence of the formal, dimensional and stylistic equilibrium which  Roberto Giovannini is able to create between furnishings which differ in style, finishings and decorative details.

The Entrance Hall

Here, Roberto Giovannini presents an extraordinarily elegant entrance hall where the ‘visual rhythm’ is dictated by the stunning forms and decorative features of the furnishings which define it. In particular,  shaping the room’s charm, there is the new round Etoile table (art. 598) with its tabletop in smoked glass and base decorated in Antico Veneziano (Antique Venetian) finishing. The base is intricately carved to reveal the sinuous silhouettes of swans and, indeed, lends to this table an allure of intrinsic exquisiteness and exclusivity.

The characteristic and sublime carved base of the Etoile table encounters the clean and essential lines of the glass tabletop, prompting a reinterpretation of entrance hall tables, in perfect equilibrium between the historical and the present day, between classic and contemporary.

The Living Room Space

Roberto Giovannini presents a living area of extraordinary beauty, aiming to recreate the atmosphere and irresistible fascination of the finest and most evocative aristocratic residences.

The forms and styles of the Fil Rouge furnishings, combined with the textures of the fabrics and deep shades of colour which animate the décor, in fact recall the charm of the finest living rooms. A blending of styles and decoration personalises the ‘open space’ setting, boasting walls adorned with the highest quality curtains and drapery, in an intense red to visually amplify the space.

Dictating the mood of the living room space, the new and majestic sofa, the maximum expression of hospitality and elegance. Operà (art. 1440) is the three seater sofa realised in soft, purple Dedar  velvet, with its embracing form: a luxurious alcove where the curved band, decorated in Oro Leggero (Light Gold)(G079), follows to perfection the lines of the padded upholstery. The cushions completing the sofa are enriched by marabù edging; the seat cushion flounce is made in ruffled velvet.

At the centre of the space, however, there is the reinvention of the Toscano sofa (art. 1262CK) realised in  delicate and luminous pearly-coloured Dedar velvet, coordinated with two lounge armchairs upholstered  in the Coromandel design Dedar Jacquard fabric, and a pair of De’ Medici sofas (art. 1404) in Dedar red velvet: together, they create a pleasant and surprising contrast. The Toscano sofa is a reinterpretation of one of Maestro Roberto Giovannini’s best creations, its characteristics of comfort and ergonomics having been adapted to satisfy the sophisticated requirements of contemporary furnishing.

Operà, together with Toscano, the De’ Medici sofas and the lounge armchairs, recreates an extraordinarily fascinating ambient, a place in which hospitality, socialising and elegance reign supreme. Comfort, dimensions and textures thus become the elements which give life to the new living space furnishings of the  Fil Rouge collection.

The coffee table (art. 1428GK), astonishing for its exceptionally large dimensions, captures the attention of the room. Realised with tabletop in Breccia Capraia marble and six legged structure finished in Oro Leggero (Light Gold) (G079), it represents an element of décor which, ‘obedient’ to its function, defines and exalts the ambient in which it is hosted, enriching the space with added adornment and personality.

The Fil Rouge collection also reverts your attention to side tables, complements which contribute to more precisely defining the lounge area. Extraordinary solutions, varying in their forms, dimensions, styles and decoration, make Roberto Giovannini’s proposal of furnishing complements all the more complete, creating feel-good sensations throughout the living area.

The atmosphere of this room is made even more exclusive and extraordinary by the new, imposing and majestic forty-light chandelier (art. 1245G) in Oro Leggero (Light Gold) (G079): a creation which goes beyond its main function, transforming itself into an element of grandeur capable of illuminating the space with evocative and fascinating lighting effects. With this ‘object’ Maestro Roberto Giovannini creates a stunning and ‘magic’ dialogue between space and light: a truly spectacular and masterly composition.

Finally, the room welcomes the presence of an elegant and discreet study corner composed of a desk with top in leather (art. 1359LE) finished in Rosso and Argento (Red and Silver) (G088) and a new bookcase  (art. 1433) finished in Argento Pitti (Pitti Silver) (G022); this bookcase, with its typically classic connotation, is a complement capable of adapting itself also to the new tendencies of modern décor.

Duchesse (art. 1423), one of  Roberto Giovannini’s most iconic lounge armchairs, recalls in its forms the authentic, original chair dating from the late 1700s preserved in the Reggia di Caserta; now it is reinterpreted, preserving its classic style but given a more modern guise, thanks to the fine quality fabric in black and white stripes.

Roberto Giovannini enhances the  Fil Rouge collection with a new 3-door showcase (art. 1439) with shelves realised in clear glass and Bianco Fiorentino (White Florentine)  finishing.

The Dining Room

The starring role in the dining room is taken by the Florentia table (art. 1434CPHAC), a table which reflects the concept of the ‘custom made’ feature of classic furniture. Florentia can reach significant dimensions, passing from a length of 180cm to one of 360cm; the tabletop is realised in Chevron patterned parquet finished in  Rovere decapè Nero (Vintage Black Oak) (GT098) and the structure itself is finished in Noir and Argento (Black and Silver) (G098). In an important decorative and ‘organic’ whim, the eight legs joined in pairs support the table structure.

Matching the Florentia table, the exquisite and stylish console table (art. 1429)  is available in two different measurements, owning its space as a useful flat surface and at the same time being elegantly ornamental.

The added value in the new console table coordinated with the table is also due to the new silver leaf Renaissance (G112) Luxury finishing which  ‘outlines’ the  structure’s contours: a sublime, high quality  decoration which exalts the expertise of the artisan craftsmanship.

The Bedroom

With the new king-size Ramage bed (art. 1438), Roberto Giovannini reveals a new creativity and reaches the maximum expression of modernised classic beauty. Ramage, completed by the bed covers in Tiffany coloured Rubelli fabrics becomes a truly exclusive piece of furniture, thanks to a unique ‘detail’ in the   Stone version: an upholstered passe-partout set with semi-precious gemstones such as labradorites, lapis, malachites, red Jaspers, tiger eyes and amethysts.

For the first time, a bedhead is reinterpreted as a ‘jewel’, with rare and exclusive aesthetic qualities. The bedroom, furthermore, is also personalised by an elegant new set composed by a chest of drawers and bedside tables  (art. 1435 and 1436), and by new pieces reminiscent of the traditional tallboy 7-drawer chests (art. 1437): some new creations which widen, complete and add to the functionality of Roberto Giovannini’s proposal for the night-time space.

Another important ‘decorative detail’ of the bedroom is the framed bas relief in plaster which, coordinating with the bed, has a passe-partout enriched with labradorite gems.

Objects with a modern-day character, lights, mirrors and accessories all contribute to enhancing any interior: Fil Rouge expresses the company’s will to create complete Ambienti d’Autore (Bespoke Interiors) in every detail, characterised by ever more unique and élite forms, materials, fabrics and decorative finishings.

The concept which characterises the whole collection recalls the splendour of the styles which have formed the history of furniture and furnishings, that way of being sumptuous, unique and recognisable; a concept  which redesigns with contemporary functionality the style and the ‘world’ created for living spaces which seek excellence as an element of distinction.

With Fil Rouge, Roberto Giovannini continues, thus, to communicate his extraordinary ability to create   new forms without ever losing the classic artisan spirit which is the hallmark of his creations.

Roberto Giovannini is tradition in continual evolution, sartorial artistry, competence and innovation.

The know-how and artisan expertise acquired over the years, from collection to collection, are interpreted today, adapted and reformulated as if in a fascinating ‘construction game’, to satisfy the requirements of contemporary living which continues to seek luxuriousness and sophisticated wellness.

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