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Growing Greener Interiors: Herondale Avenue

Image Credit:Charlie Round-Turner

Transforming urban interiors into green sanctuaries, the world’s leading living wall specialist, ANS Global, refreshed the wasted wall space of one London home by bringing the outside in, creating a stunning living, breathing design feature.

A seemingly ordinary, five-bedroom family home located in the heart of London, Herondale Avenue hides a surprising interior design feature; an indoor vertical garden. Tasked with reviving the home’s entertainment area, ANS Global stretched the boundaries of traditional botanic wallpaper to design a statement living wall feature that distorts the divide between indoor and outdoor living space.

With a focus on expanding the presence of the garden to balance the expansion of the new open-plan kitchen, dining and entertainment area – ANS Global designed, supplied and installed two bespoke living walls, one interior and one exterior.

Stretching across the dining area and flowing into the garden of the property, the living design creates a seamless plant tapestry, turning a functional area of the home into a thriving green oasis. Blending the boundaries between indoor and outside living, the design creates an urban interior that rejects its city location, instead inviting the benefits of nature into the home.

Image Credit: Charlie Round-Turner

Turning any interior into a fresh, healthy environment, these vertical living gardens can change the perspective of dull areas. Balancing the polished textures and muted colour scheme of Herondale Avenue’s practical kitchen space, the addition of living interior design provides the home with a rich indoor garden. Presenting lush, contrasting textures and a vibrant green colour palette, the living wall transforms a still, unemotional area into a welcoming entertainment space.

Image Credit: Charlie Round-Turner

Fast becoming the go-to for forward thinking design, living walls offer far more than just the aesthetic, from balancing acoustics and increasing property value, to regulating indoor temperature and humidity. Replenishing absent greenery, living installations support biodiversity, while also improving air quality; filtering harmful pollutants in exchange for fresh, breathable air. Offering occupants an accessible connection to nature, living walls have the power to not only create a healthier home environment, but also significantly improve the quality of life for those who live there.

In the case of Herondale Avenue, the family wanted to make the most of the outdoors, ensuring that in expanding the property into the garden the natural elements weren’t lost. Now with two merging living walls, the family are never far from green escapism in the urban jungle.

Image Credit: Charlie Round-Turner

The homeowner of Herondale Avenue said;

“When our architect, Chris Medland of One-World Design, first suggested living walls I was completely thrilled. It was a design feature that we would never have imagined ourselves, it really helps to bring the outside in and always receives a ‘wow’ from friends that visit.

“Both walls only seem to improve with age and there’s always something new flourishing to surprise us. The indoor softens the harsh surfaces of our kitchen improving the room’s sound quality and the outdoor has been particularly popular with bees. We’re extremely lucky to have such a nice garden for a property in London, one of the concerns that we had about extending was the loss of outdoor space. However, ANS Global’s application of two continuous living walls now makes it feel as though we have more garden then before.”

Whether a refurbishment project such as Herondale Avenue or a completely new space, when incorporating a living wall into interior design, it is integral to work with a specialist living wall expert. Specialists will also be able to identify structural considerations, designing a wall fixture that will support the installation without damage.

Using in-depth knowledge of plant species and practical experience, a living wall specialist will also be able to recommend a selection of plants that will not only bring a design to ‘life’ but also thrive in the desired location, taking into consideration the native climate and necessary lighting.

Image Credit: Charlie Round-Turner

Ensuring that the wall is pre-grown will also help to ensure a sustainable display. Established off-site and delivered as individual modules, the newly installed wall will boast minimum maintenance for the client. Living wall experts will also advise monthly maintenance checks to ensure the design stays looking its best, which should include tending to the plants and adjusting the automated irrigation system where necessary to ensure optimum health.

Simple to install and easy to maintain with the help of experienced advice, living walls can transform wasted interior spaces into stunning design features that not only offer visual appeal but also create a greener, healthier and more welcoming area. Providing urban homeowners with their very own thriving sanctuary, this is décor with a difference, an opportunity to offer greener, healthier interior design.

Image Credit: Charlie Round-Turner

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