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How to style your dressing table

Your dressing table should be a place of comfort and happiness. This is the place you will spend a lot of time in, you could be either styling your hair or getting ready for work, it needs to suit your tastes. You have many options available to design a dressing table that serves it purpose but also has the best style.

Your dresser is most likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom after your bed. It can easily become neglected with tangled up jewellery on the side and toiletries that should be in the bathroom. Having an unruly dressing table can make your bedroom look chaotic and unattractive. To help you revamp your dressing table, Vanessa Arbuthnott has shared her tips on how to style it and make it a luxurious part of your bedroom.

1)    Focal point

Your dressing table needs something large on the wall to provide a visual balance. If your dresser is underneath a window then nothing is needed but if not, you could hang a large mirror, this will also make your bedroom look bigger. Another option is to hang a single piece of artwork or a collection of smaller pictures, this will make your dressing room look chic and add depth. For a unique appearance, you should hang your focal point at least half the width of the top of the dresser but not wider than the dresser. 

2)    Tall items

You should add something tall to stand next to your hanging mirror or artwork. A second lamp would work well, if your bedroom already has a bedside lamp you should go for a tall houseplant or a tall pillar candle. This adds character to your dresser and creates a balance with your focal point. 

3)    Use trays

The best way to keep everything organised on a dressing table is to keep them in order on a tray. Have a different tray for makeup and for jewellery, instead of having everything tangled up in drawers means you can find everything when you need to. If your dressing table is small, choose one with plenty of drawer space and buy drawer dividers – you can make your own or buy them from a cheap store. You will feel satisfied when you see everything neat in order! 

4)    Lighting

When you are getting ready, lighting is very important. A Hollywood style mirror will allow you to get ready with perfect lighting. If you wish to add some atmosphere, then go for mood lightning hung above your ceiling, this will save surface space for more items on your dresser. 

5)    Chair sizes

The chair for your dresser is important – choose one which has texture and colour, so it stands out in the bedroom. You can even add a different texture such as fur to your current chair, so you feel warm whilst you’re getting ready. Make sure your chair isn’t too big for your dressing table and room as it will make it look chaotic and cluttered.

 6)    Creative with colours

Bold use of colour is fun when it comes to your dresser and if you’re getting ready for your night out, it will get you into the mood. You can also upcycle a vintage table and cover it with paint to get a cost-effective result.

7)     Inspiration

Your dresser is your personal space, it should describe everything about you. You can fill your table with things that make you happy, photo frames, candles, mirrors and memorabilia. Keeping a few books and magazines close means you will always have inspiration on hand.

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