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New furniture series from Normann Copenhagen: Milan Launch 2018

Fuorisalone 2018 will be the zenith of years of developments, when as much as four wide-ranging furniture series make their official debut. Here is a short introduction to the new furniture series that will be on show in Milan, 17-22 April. 


Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Danish design traditions have left a clear mark on Simon Legald’s chair series, Herit, which is short for heritage. The simple and honest style that characterises Danish furniture history stands as a clear frame of reference for a collection draped in nostalgia. But Herit is just as much a design that looks forward. Innovative production methods, new material compositions and timeless silhouettes give life to a chair that stands tall on its own.

Herit reflects Simon Legald’s love of classic Danish furniture craftsmanship, but rose from a desire to design a versatile and strong chair that unites the different eras of Danish design. A chair in which oak and plastic merge in tactful synergy, to create a hard-wearing, maintenance-friendly and accessible design, made for modern life.

New production methods

The smooth curves that spread across Legald’s drawing table proved impossible to produce at first. Standard plastic moulding techniques do not permit variations in the plastic’s thickness of more than 10 mm, as the material will inevitably sink down. Herit’s curved armrests required more room for expression and full control of the shape, and so the project was put on hold for the time being.

Herit was consigned to the drawer, until Legald eventually managed to come across a small factory in northern Italy that had developed a brand new way of moulding plastic. In its innovative, patented technique, a core of foam is injected into the plastic, enabling large variations in thickness without the plastic subsiding.



Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

The popular Amp lamps are now available in a new, stylish version combining glass and brass. The collection’s stone fittings have been replaced with glistening, golden brass that evokes an air of elegance and mystery.

Both the pendant lamps and table lamp in the collection are now available in a brass version. The shiny metal mirrors its surroundings in a gleaming glow that creates atmosphere and warmth, especially when the pendants are hung as a group.

Amp brass is available with shades in either transparent smoked glass or white opal glass.


Designed by Hans Hornemann for Normann Copenhagen

Steady is a modern take on the classic nesting tables, made from powder-coated steel and aluminium. For the design of Steady, designer Hans Hornemann has taken inspiration from the Romanesque architecture. The view in through the arches of a Romanesque arcade is interpreted in the tables’ arched legs, and in the repetition of contours as the two tables meet.

The table’s lines shift from sharp to soft in a formal twist that gives the minimal design a dynamic appearance. The recurring arches are counteracted by narrow profiles in a vigorous construction that stands out as a central part of Steady’s visual expression. A wide steel frame and over-sized cylinders fix the table’s elements, making it shapely, strong and steady.

Steady is available in two dark, muted shades: warm coffee and raw graphite.


Designed by Visibility for Normann Copenhagen

Usability and aesthetics go hand in hand in Visibility’s Bent boxes for all of your home’s smaller items. The idea behind the boxes comes from traditional Japanese magewappa bento boxes made from bentwood. The Bent box’s simple, geometric, yet organic shape, achieved by moulding veneer, results in an irresistibly charming and edgy design.

“The shape was created through reduction; by exploring different geometries, we focused on creating a shape that would be useful and easy to understand. Our hope is that the user will intuitively integrate the boxes into their daily lives and use them without thinking twice,” Visibility explains.

The Bent box has a practical size that can be useful anywhere in the home. The possibility of stacking several boxes provides flexible storage capacity and invites you to mix different colours of Bent boxes in decorative combinations. The wood’s curved, moulded silhouette gives the Bent box an appealing expression, whether it is used on its own or as part of a stacked storage system.

The boxes are available in three trendy shades: pale rose, orange rust and elm green. Use them for stationery, sewing accessories, jewellery and make-up, for creams and personal care in the bathroom, oils and spices in the kitchen or as a neat catch-all.



Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Eddy, the table lamp, is an art of proportion: an airy shade floats above a weighty, organic base, creating a design in balance and motion. Steel and marble make up the main elements, while golden shimmers of brass put the dot on the ‘i’ on this atmospheric lamp.

The table lamp consists of a plane steel screen with integrated LED light source that balances on a lamp base made of hand turned Italian marble. The rotation process is emphasised by the proportion between a slim neck and a bulky body, which forms a simultaneously lively and dense silhouette.

Lampshade and base meet each other in a golden rotation point in the form of a glossy brass ball. The shade can be tipped around the ball to control the direction of the light. With its downward facing screen, Eddy not only illuminates its surroundings but also itself. Its light shines down on the marble, emphasising the changing character of the material. The table lamp emits a soft light, which can be adjusted with the circular brass dimmer that forms a refined detail on the lampshade’s top.

Eddy has a cord in fabric finished with a brass ring. The lamp is available in black, white and grey.


Designed by MSDS Studio for Normann Copenhagen

Using the most elementary steel stock parts as their starting point, MSDS Studio has created an architectural little side table. Their design ‘Stock’ presents metal in a raw and deconstructed way, while retaining a delicate, rigid quality.
The table’s unconventional leg arrangement emphasises the material’s strength and produces an interesting composition of elements. The aesthetic negative spaces – the airy open area under the table top and the triangle between the angled legs – come from disregarding the traditional arrangement of table legs, creating a new form of symmetry.

Stock appears as a small, strict piece of sculpture, which also serves as a practical, stable side table. The table is available in four colours, each supplementing its unique character in a different way: a warm, rounded claret and a calm steel blue, as well as classic black and white.


Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

A granite base with a thunder grey mineral mélange constitutes the magnetic starting point for the Grant series. In a symphony of contrasts, this elegant igneous stone is paired with polished metals to compose a refined and balanced design. Grant arises from the aesthetic interplay between high shine and dusty granular depth.

The series’ ensemble of lamps for wall mounting, ceiling, floor and table have an inherent classic quality and a versatile appeal. Lampshades with a dense rounded silhouette, inspired by Copenhagen’s iconic street lighting, meet slender arms in soft and airy compositions.

There is a sense of familiarity in the simple shapes and poised stature, while the smoothness of unbroken curves and unusual mix of materials lend the design a modern lucidity and immediate freshness. Grant is the quintessential timeless lighting series, which looks right at home in intimate spaces as well as grand majestic halls.

All lamps in the Grant series have an LED light source with dispersion lens that emits a soft and pleasant light. The floor lamp, table lamp and wall lamps come with dimmer switch and the pendants are dimmer compatible. Discrete and well-executed wire outlets and deluxe fabric cords add the finishing touch to this exclusive range.



Designed by MSDS Studio for Normann Copenhagen

Canadian MSDS Studio is behind Hoop, a multifunctional coat rack in a soft and concise design comprised of oval shapes. With pegs shaped as hoops rather than hooks, the coat rack’s hollow spaces offer an additional place to hang accessories.

“We wanted to make a coat rack that was functional, but without the typical jagged parts. We have given Hoop a softer shape, which is more fun and inviting than the somewhat tool-like appearance of traditional coat racks,” explains MSDS Studio.

The design is built around capsule shapes in a formal symmetry between the back piece’s rounded form and the hollow silhouette of the vertical hangers. The delicate hoops are made from metal, combining a thin profile with a strong hold, while the wooden component adds depth and texture to the design.

The Hoop coat rack can be incorporated into different parts of the home: use it for outerwear in the hallway, where the hoops can be used to hang items such as scarves, umbrellas and hangers, or in the bedroom, children’s room or kitchen, where the multi-functional nature of the hoops will serve as a fun and useful feature.


Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

A place for meals, work, studying, conversations and relaxation; a table is a base and gathering place for all sorts of activity, and the Union collection accommodates them all. An all-round collection of tables in a minimalist design, which gets an elegant lift from shiny brass feet.
Union is a timeless table collection that can assume many forms of expression according to the interior that the tables are placed in. The tabletop and legs are kept in one cohesive colour, only broken by the subtle brass details. The tabletop is made from premium anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint laminate and finished with ABS edging, while an airy steel design makes up the base. As a fine detail, the base is screwed together using over-sized brass screws.
The series, which encompasses 11 different tables, presents both round and rectangular models with varying heights and sizes. With everything from dining tables to tall café tables, the collection offers a broad range of furnishing options for both private and public spaces.


Designed by Jonas Wagell for Normann Copenhagen

The Local lamp has grown out of the mood in simple bars and relaxed restaurants, where pools of light beneath suspended lampshades create atmospheric social spots. With this ambience as his point of departure, designer Jonas Wagell has created an understated and harmonious pendant lamp as a frame for social get-togethers.

Local consists of a suspended spun steel shade with a simple and welcoming silhouette. Spun lampshades traditionally have a metal fold at the edge to reinforce their shape. In Local, this component is highlighted to become the main character of the design. Instead of the traditional fold, the rim at the edge is enlarged and integrated into the turned shape, so that it appears as a fine detail.

The lamp is intended for both domestic and public environments and can be used either on its own or spread over a larger space.Its expression is calm and subtle, so the lamps can be multiplied without dominating the interior. With its friendly design, Local willcontribute to creating a cosy and comfortable ambience.



Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

The shopping cart’s raw metal mesh gave designer Simon Legald the idea for this industrial collection of storage baskets in powder-coated steel. The Track baskets play with visual illusions and graphic patterns in a simple design that can be used anywhere in the home.

Track is comprised of diagonal steel rod tracks that form a minimalist and airy construction. The tracks run in opposing directions on each side, thereby creating a fine pattern of small squares when you look through the basket. You can create new expressions by placing the baskets inside one another, and when the baskets are full, the sporty, diagonal pattern of the mesh becomes apparent.

The Track baskets are available in four sizes in the colours grey, white and rust. Use these raw baskets for books and magazines, towels, toys, as a fruit basket or as a place to store firewood.

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