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Spruce Up Your Spring Clean!

Expert advice on how to clean your Stone and Wood 

 The annual Spring clean allows us to freshen up our homes and get a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer. However, some of us don’t know where to start when it comes to caring for stone and wood, those that think they do are likely to be cleaning incorrectly. Luckily, experts from Stone Age and Root London, the stone and wood specialists, are on hand to share their essential advice.

Stone Age’s maintenance expert, Alastair Niddrie from Silex UK says:


“When cleaning your stone, you must be careful. For example, with marble and limestone floors and worktops they are sensitive to acid. Therefore, using the correct cleaning products is crucial to prevent damage as it can erode the stone.

“For regular maintenance and light cleaning, a pH Neutral product should be used. For deeper cleans, a mild alkaline product can be used. However, regular deep cleaning will affect the sealants ability to repel water and oil-based stains. When stone becomes dirty and difficult to clean, a professional clean and seal will restore the stone. Stone Age offers a professional natural stone floor cleaning service and can recommend further cleaning advice.”


“As porcelain tiles are non-porous, grease, dirt and mud will make the surface dirty. We recommend products designed for porcelain such as Lantania’s LANTACLEAN or Lithofin KF Conditioning Cleaner.

“Most people end up using washing up liquid or acid-based products such as FLASH. However, these often leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt quickly.”


“These are best maintained using wax washing products to keep up the sheen. As these wax layers build up over years, they may require a professional service, typically once every five years or so.”


“Natural stone often becomes perpetually damp outside, so green and black algae naturally occur. It is personal choice whether to allow the patio to age naturally or to keep it looking pristine. There is absolutely no need for a jet wash, which WILL damage the stone, especially as we’re all tempted to set our pressure washers to high. The problem is that they blast the surface off the stone and the pointing will also suffer damage. There are some very good products available for cleaning patios which work brilliantly such as United Stonecare’s – BIORASE or Lantania Algaclean. These can be sprayed on with a pump sprayer or applied with sponges or cloths.”


Stone Age’s showroom manager Darren Hopkins and Root London founder provides his tips on how to clean wood. He says:

“First hoover the floor with the bristles down to get rid of any loose dust or dirt. We then recommend a pH neutral soap.  Oiled floors have their specialist soaps, and varnished floors have theirs.  It is advised to always use the supplier’s recommended soaps opposed to an “off the shelf” product, which could potentially be harmful to the finish that’s been applied to the wood.”

“All Root London floors are supplied pre-finished, either with a natural oil or coloured varnish. A floor finished to the highest standards using natural oils and coloured varnished, properly maintained using the correct pH neutral soap, will last a lifetime.”

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