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The Modern Classic Splendor of Savage Ground House

The Savage Ground project is a spirit of wild nature, steeped in strict forms of designer objects.

Each detail conveys its emotion: marble columns are power and strength, crystal reflects purity and subtlety, and yellow metal as a symbol of inexhaustible energy and heat.

The proud Designers from Rosko Design say: “We used the principle of symmetrical arrangement of objects, as in the traditional classical style, and complemented the interior with modern art objects that reflect the philosophy of our days. Many sources of soft light to unobtrusively emphasize the main accents in the rooms, as well as the contrast of dark and light tones, to create a harmonious palette in the interior.”

Decor items of the world’s leading brands WALTER KNOLL, DelightFULL, LUXXU and others found their place in this project. The main artistic element was the author’s abstraction from Catherine Severac, which rightfully took the key place in the living room of the house.

“In the hall we used a lot of warm light, which gently and elegantly fought in the gloss of floor marble. Crystal and gilding of massive chandeliers give the interior a special atmosphere and luxury.”

“For this hall we decided to choose a special individual element – aquariums in the floor. Of course, the peculiarities of their operation were taken into account, the constructive and glazing of the aquariums were carried out under the guidance of competent specialists. Therefore, the owners can not worry about their strength, but enjoy unusual designs and surprise the guests.

A striking accent of this room are the columns. They perform a basic function and logically separate the dining area from the common space. In order for the columns to fit organically into the interior, we decided to decorate them with gray marble and install the glowing blocks at the bottom of each. Thus, it seems that the columns are floating above the floor, radiating warm light.

The choice of furniture was based on the WALTER KNOLL brand, which attracted us with its laconic forms. Complement the composition of unusual Brubeck XL Wall Lights from DelightFull Brand. Their extravagant form, reminiscent of a musical organization, perfectly emphasized the general vertical of space.

Developing the interior of this living room, we could not do without the main source of heat and coziness – a fireplace. It is framed by elegant gray structures and pendant hanging lamps. The central part from the fireplace to the ceiling is decorated with a decorative panel.

The presence of high ceilings means the possibility of installing massive designer lamps. This time we chose chic chandelier of the Portuguese Brand LUXXU. Made of brass and elegant crystal, it created an amazing atmosphere and brought even more luxury to the living room.

High windows let in a lot of light, so even the coolest shades do not seem gloomy, and the noble texture of marble plays a new pattern in the daylight.”

“We decided to make the sleeping area completely soft. From the ceiling, the velvet wall upholstery, smoothly turning into a wide bed, ends with a wide carpet of a gray-coffee tint.

At the wall, decorated with a dark glass, there was a small banquet. Here we decided to add an unusual curved lamp that seems to frame this part of the room and serves for local lighting.

Opposite the bed is traditionally equipped with a TV-zone, which is complemented by a design of laconic drawers. This wall we decided to highlight using a decorative panel in ashy tones, the print of which remotely resembles the silhouettes of flowering trees.

In order to bring a piece of Renaissance art to our bedroom, we placed a bust of Venus Milosskaya made of white stone.

This zone is equipped with a high mirror with perimeter illumination. We also picked up a small designer pouf, and above the table decided to install a poetic pendant lamp in the form of hovering moon birds.”

The Designers:

CEO/ Architect Anatoly Roskovsko and Designer Katerina Roskovskhenko  say : “We are a family studio of author’s interiors ROSKO Family Design. We love traditional interiors and modern art, and especially look for in this symbiosis new unique solutions.”

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